Joseph A. Perry P.E. President

My Approach

Joseph Perry P.E., LLC being an Electrical Engineer, Electrical Contractor, and Expert Witness brings a unique perspective to the investigation of the case:

  • As an Electrical Engineer, I am interested in the Forensics of the Design and Details of the plans and specifications as to how the contractor was to build the system.
  • As an Electrical Contractor, I am interested in the materials, labor and how the installation was completed.
  • As an Expert Witness and member of the Forensic Expert Witness Association (FEWA) I have been continuing my professional Expert Witness Training by attending monthly meetings, attending Six National FEWA Conferences and countless hours of Expert Witness seminars and training's. The training's have encompassed Depositions, Video Depositions, Report Writing, Engagement Contracts, Jury Selection, and Jury Presentation strategies. I have been awarded the FEWA designation of “Certified Forensic Litigation Consultant” for completing a rigorous curriculum and being an active participant in FEWA training's, events and leadership.

My Story

I first became interested in electricity at the age of 10 when I joined 4-H and the “Beginning Electricity" project. At this young age I demonstrated simple Electrical Concepts to other 4-H members. During Jr. High school I took Industrial Art classes, Wood Shop and Metal Shop. In High School, I followed the Industrial Arts' education path and enrolled in Mechanical Drafting, Metal Shop, Electronics, and Math classes to prepare myself for the continued education of an Electrical Engineer. Just out of High School, I enrolled in Healds Engineering College and completed my Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering (BSEE) program. I entered the work force as an Electrical and Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC) Service Technician with a BSEE Engineering Degree. My education in engineering allowed me to trouble shoot electrical and HVAC equipment from a unique perspective, quickly my troubleshooting experience elevated me to a Senior Technician. After five years, I advanced to an Engineer in Training. I began to design sewer treatment facilities controls under the supervision of an Electrical/Mechanical engineer. Soon I began performing Electrical Estimating, Project Management, Purchasing and Contract Administration of Military Construction Contracting projects.

Over the next 12 years I qualified for and passed examinations in California for my Professional Electrical Engineering License, Electrical, HVAC, and Plumbing Contractors Licenses. Being dully licensed, I started an Electrical Engineering/Contracting business that specialized in Design Build Power and Control Systems. I specialized in the design and installation of Energy Management Control Systems for retail chain stores. The contracts were primarily negotiated contracts totaling millions of dollars of work. I also wrote the software for the dedicated computers that controlled the building loads. We were the Prime Contractor for this design build work.

We also performed electrical contracting for Water/Wastewater and Flood Control sytems for municipalities. My experience with municipal plans and specifications aided my understanding and performance of this endeavor. This type of work was competitive bid and we worked as a Subcontractor to the Prime contractor.

As part of our municipal work we installed Standby Generators which led to an understanding of the critical nature of continuously and reliably delivering electricity to pump stations. One of our Retail Chain customers became interested in installing Standby Generators, I was instrumental in the design and installation of multiple standby generators with automatic transfer switches for this retail chain. The designs included re-configuring the lighting loads to provide standby lighting and Point of Sale (POS) terminals during power outages or a disaster. During this time Peak Demand Shaving became an import focus of the utility company. I intergrated the Energy Management System with the Generator System to introduce a peak shaving routine that was recognized by the utility which then provided a financial incentive to the end user.

I later sold the Design Build Electrical Contracting and HVAC service business and began Electrical Controls Consulting to two Systems Integrators that built Industrial Control Panels for the Municipal Water/Wastewater industry. These panels were built to Underwriter Laboratory (UL) Standards 508 and 698. I was the Company Representative to UL at both companies.

I became interested in Expert Witness Consulting when an engineering associate was named in a law suit because he was the Electrical Engineer on several phases of a Sewage Pump Station that failed during a major flood in Marin County. I was hired by the attorney for the defense as an Electrical Consulting Expert. After this engagement, I found FEWA and began my path of Expert Witness Training over the next six years. I have been on the FEWA Northern California Chapter Board of Directors for three years and I am the President of the Northern California Chapter of FEWA for the 2017 Calendar year.

I have been retained on 11 cases to date.

                Meet the Expert

Over 38 years’ experience as a Professional Electrical Engineer and Licensed Electrical Contractor, Over 6 years as an Expert Witness provides an extensive background in Electrical Power and Controls Engineering. I can provide Expert Witness services relating to Electrical Construction Defects, losses or damages associated with Personal Injury due to electrical accidents, Electrical Controls, for Water/Wastewater, Pump Station, Tank, or Treatment Plants and related causes of Sewage Spills or Tank over filling causing flooding, Standards of Care by Electrical Engineers and Contractors. I have many years of construction experience including Industrial Electrical Construction, Municipal Construction and Interpreting Municipal Plans and Specifications.

Next Step...

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