Frequently Asked Questions

What’s your Fee Structure?

We charge by the hour for Eectrical Expert Witness Services, after discussing your case we will send you a Rate Sheet and CV for review.

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How will I know if you have a Conflict of Interest?
When selecting an Electrical Engineering Expert Witness, it is important for you to know if the expert you are considering has already been contacted to oppose your case position. To find out if Joseph Perry P.E. has already been contacted by the opposing party request a “Conflict of Interest Form” be sent to you, after naming the parties in the case we will do a conflict check and let you know if we have a current conflict.

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How will I know if you are qualified for my type of case?
Great question: If you are interested in hiring an Electrical Engineering Expert Witness or an Electrical Contracting Expert Witness you have arrived at the right place! Contact me to discuss your case, I will quickly tell you if your case is in my “Wheelhouse”. You may also download a current CV to review my prior Electrical Engineering experience and the types of Electrical Engineering Expert Witness cases I have completed. Please see my testimonials from my satisfied Electrical Engineering Expert Witness Clients listed on this website.

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Do you have a list of previous cases that you were retained for?

I was hoping you would ask! To review the Electrical Engineering Expert Witness cases that I have been retained for simply use the “Contact Me” link below and ask for a “Legal Case Experience” list. We will return the complied list of Electrical Engineering Expert Witness cases that Joseph Perry P.E. has been retained for including the attorney’s name, legal firm and if the plaintiff or defendant was represented.

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How many depositions have you completed?

Three depositions and four mediations have been completed, to date all of my Electrical Engineering Expert Witness Cases have been settled out of court. Simply use the “Contact Me” link below and ask for a “Testifying Experience” list and we will return this to you for your perusal.

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Do you travel outside of the San Francisco Bay Area?

I love to Travel! Being a registered Electrical Engineer in California and Hawaii, and a licensed Electrical Contractor in California I can be an Electrical Engineering Expert Witness in all of California and Hawaii. I have traveled and performed Electrical Engineering Expert witness assignments in the San Francisco Bay Area of California, East to Lake Tahoe, South to Fresno, Bakerfield, many towns in Los Angeles and inclusive of San Diego. I have performed Electrical Engineering for projects on the islands of Oahu and Hawaii. As an Electrical contracting business owner, I have traveled to 15 states while providing Design Build Energy Management Engineering Services.

If I work with you can I have my choice if I want a report or no report?

In fact, most attorneys do not request an Electrical Engineering investigation report! Once a report is written we are committed to the evidence on hand when the report is written, unless new information is discovered. If the evidence changes, then a new report will be issued at an additional cost to your client. I find it extremely helpful when reading the adversaries report before I could visit the accident or construction site, this affords me the opportunity to look in depth at those items that are a point of contention. Of course, when performing an Electrical Engineering Expert Witness field investigation onsite a detailed site summary with pictures will be added to our case file. Should you desire an Engineering findings report or would like to see a sample report from a settled case please request a report on the “Contact Me” page.

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