Construction Defect: 280 Unit Condominium in Sacramento, CA.

Electrical Engineering Expert Witness, Identified electrical installation hazards  sampling  shown in the pictures.

  • Fire Hazard; Knockout holes that were not sealed after panel installation. Panel installed too far back from face of the sheetrock.
  • Shock Hazard; Excessively long greenfield flex installed without proper support and strapping.
  • Shock Hazard; Air Conditioner condensing unit installed in front of safety switch and inadequate clearance between safety switch and condenser.
  • Fire Hazard; Receptacle set back too far from face of the sheetrock.
  • Fire and Smoke Hazard; Romex wiring running through crawl space in attic not Fire Stopped properly.

Personal Injury: Driver hits pedestrian in crosswalk with car, Concord, CA.

Electrical Engineering Expert Witness, Identified electrical product defect and failure to follow Public Works Construction Plans

  • Microwave Occupancy Sensor failed to consistently detect pedestrian when in the cross walk.
  • Identified defective Microwave Sensor installation.
  • Identified failure to follow  Construction Plans that required three Microwave Occupancy Sensors, only two were installed.


Construction Defect: $14 Million Home in Marin County, CA.

Electrical Engineering Expert Witness, Identified electrical installation hazards  sampling  shown in the pictures.

  • Shock Hazard; Insufficient clearances between Electrical panel and grounded surfaces.
  • Shock Hazard; Ground wire missing.
  • Fire Hazard; Corrosion of conductors, susceptible to overheating and causing a fire.
  • Shock Hazard; Missing locknuts and crooked conduit that left the panel ungrounded.
  • Fire hazard; wire size #2, conductors were too large for lug, so strands were cut off to fit the wires into the lug.

Emergency Generator Fails to Start: $5 Million Home in Lake Tahoe, NV inundated with raw sewage.

Electrical Engineering Expert Witness, Identified electrical installation failures that caused Generator to Fail.

  • Day Tank breaker tripped.
  • Day tank pump failed to start.
  • Insufficient fuel in Diesel Fuel Day Tank.
  • SCADA system did not monitor Day Tank.
  • Manual Pump not piped to bypass checkvalve.



Home Improvement Center customer shocked when customer removes lamp from energized display fixture.

Electrical Engineering Expert Witness, identified display lighting as installed per code and properly grounded. 

  • Customer removed energized lamp and touched end during lamp removal.
  • 628 volts measured between lamp holders on 120 volt fixture.
  • 355 volts measured to Ground from Lamp holder on 120 volt fixture.
  • Fixture, ballasts, lamp holders and lamps were all UL approved.

Past Electrical Engineer Expert Witness assignments include:

Pump Station construction and failures, Emergency Generator failures, Electrical Equipment Control failures, Condominium Electrical Construction Defects, Winery Electrical Construction Defects, Personal Injury; due to traffic light failure, Shock and Electrocution, Pump Failure, Cost Estimates, Sewer and Flood Control Systems. I have been both an electrical Engineering Consultant and Testifying Electrical Engineering Expert Witness on cases for both plaintiffs and defendants.


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