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Construction Defect: $14 Million Home in Belvedere (Marin County), CA.

Electrical Engineering Consulting Expert Witness, Identified electrical installation hazards, sampling shown in the pictures.

  • Shock Hazard; Insufficient clearances between Electrical panel and grounded surfaces.
  • Shock Hazard; Ground wire missing.
  • Fire Hazard; Corrosion of conductors, susceptible to overheating and causing a fire.
  • Shock Hazard; Missing locknuts and crooked conduit that left the panel ungrounded.
  • Fire hazard; wire size #2, conductors were too large for lug, so strands were cut off to fit the wires into the lug.
  • Winslow Residence, David Winton Law Firm, Plaintiff, David Winton Esq.

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