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Electric Arc Flash:


Electrician received Arc Flash burns when installing new fuses, Oakland, CA.

  • Qualified Electrician (QE) called to troubleshoot lights being off in retail store located in industrial warehouse..
  • QE found that a single phase was dead, at each transformer disconnect.
  • QE tested fuses and found that a blown fuse was the cause of the power loss.
  • QE disconnected all known loads before replacing fuse.
  • QE removed blown fuse replaced with spare fuse found in cabinet, when fuse holder was plugged in an Arc Flash occurred.
  • Fuse holder was found to be rated at 300 volt, service was rated 480 volts, fuse holder damaged due to wrong application by others.
  • Fuse holder was found to be load make and load break under proper voltage conditions, so no PPE required by QE..
  • Arc Flash burns caused by previous installers carelessness and disregard for equipment voltage rating
  • Mountain v. DP Electric / Perez v Carson Madrona, Injijian Law Firm, Defendant & Plaintiff, Susie Injijian Esq.

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