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Overhead Crane Controls:

20 Ton Bridge Crane unexpectedly moved and seriously injured workman, Napa, CA,

  • Pipe fabricator (PF) seriously injured by 20 ton crane hook and pulley when crane moved without command.
  • Manufacturer stated in their operation manual for the wireless remote controls that stray signals could cause a crane to move unexpectedly and that all installations should be tested for stray signals.
  • I discovered that the FOUR cranes in the building had the same brand and model of wireless remote controls.
  • PF clearly did not command the crane movement, evidence was found that other cranes in the plant had reported rouge movements.
  • The owner had a Crane Mechanic try to fix the problem on multiple occasions, which reoccurred again after several months.
  • My investigation found that the default settings of the remote control came from the factory with the automatic scan feature enabled so that when an operator performed a specific unusual task the automatic scan function would scan and lock on to another crane control IF it was transmitting. This was the cause of the apparent rouge (stray ) signals
  • Napa Crane Failure v Nova Group Arns Law Firm, Plaintiff, Kevin Osborne Esq.

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