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Electrical Estimating:

Estimating, 2000 amp, 2, volt, three phase service, change order analysis for the installation of three new pad mounted transformers. Burbank CA

  • Industrial plating shop and electrical system was damaged by a fire originating in a plating tank.
  • The Tenant who was responsible for replacing the damaged electrical system had replaced the 2000 amp three phase service with an amp single phase service. A capacity of less than 20% of the original electrical capacity.
  • As part of the electric service change the tenant had paid Burbank Electric Utility to remove the existing three transformers and install one smaller transformer to facilitate the new amp single phase service.
  • The Insurance Claim by the tenants electrical contractor to reinstall three new pad mounted transformers and rework the high voltage cable and high voltage switches to original capacity was $391,250.00.
  • I reviewed the existing installation received replacement transformer pricing and estimated the expense to be just $24,890.00.
  • My estimated cost closely aligned with three times the costs received from Burbank Electric Utility for the removal of three transformers and installing one transformer.
  • Hanriot v. Burbank Production, Dykema Gossett, PLLC, Defendant, Hakop Stepanyan Esq

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