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Electrical Product Fire Analysis:

Joint Destructive Testing between all parties, Oakland CA. Retail store, Car Stereo Display Case caught on fire.

  • Fire Hazard; Receptacle set back too far from face of the sheetrock.
  • It was determined that the fire was not caused by the car stereos in the display but was caused by multiple instruction manuals being stacked (in storage) on top of the transformer in the display case.
  • The transformer provided 12VDC for the operation of the stereo’s in the display case.
  • The heat of the transformer dried out the paper manuals on top of the transformer.
  • The low humidity of the dried paper allowed the fire to start under a low but continuous heat.
  • Best Buy Stores v. Phoenix Fixtures, Inc, McNeil, Silveira, Rice & Wiley, Defendant, Mark Rice Esq.

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